Sony Venice Camera Package

High Speed License

Full Frame License

Anamorphic License

DVF-EL200 Viewfinder

AXS-R7 recorder

4x 512gb AXS S48 cards

3x 128gb G1C SXS cards

Sony SBAC high speed reader for SXS

AXS-CR1 reader

WC 15v power supply

WC D-Box Gold mount

WC A-Box

Rode Mini Shotgun Mic (scratch audio)

BP9 15mm studio bridge plate

AC power brick

6ft 4pin XLR extension

AC power brick for CR1 card reader

Master Case


x4 Full Apple Boxes

x7 40" MSE C-Stands

x5 20" MSE C-Stand

x2 3-Rise American Combo Stand

x2 3-Rise American Rolling Combo Stand

x1 American Mombo Combo Stand

x2 American Lowboy Stands

x2 Modern 6x6 Frames

x1 6x6 Chimera Breakdown Frame

x1 6x6 Solid

x1 6x6 1/4 Grid

x1 6x6 Full Grid

x1 6x6 Ultrabounce

x1 6x6 Silk

x4 Big Ben Clamps

x4 Swivel Cheesborough

x6 Baby Pipe Clamp

x1 Mafer Clamp w/ baby pin

x4 Matthelinni Clamps

x2 2.5" Grip Heads

x2 Double T12 Clamps

x4 35lb sandbags

x5 25lb Sandbags

x2 4ft Speedrail

x2 6ft Speedrail


Tilta MB-12 3-Stage Mattebox w/ 80mm, 87mm, 95m, 110mm,114mm, and 134mm backing

Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus (2 Motor Kit w/ x4 Batteries)

Atomos Sumo 19" Client Monitor

Atomos Shinobi 7" Director's Monitor

Atomos Shinobi 5" On-Camera Monitor

Vaxis Storm 2000 (Tx/Rx) 1:2 System (1:3 system coming soon!)


Meike FF Prime Lens Kit: 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm​


Teris TS300 100mm Tripod

Dana Dolly Kit​


x10 Core Neo 150 Gold Mount Batteries

x1 Goldmount Hotswap Sharkfin

x1 Quad Charger

x2 Dual Charger


x1 Litemat Plus 4 Kit

x2 Aputure 600d Pro w/ F10 Fresnel and Barndoors

x1 Aputure 300x w/ 2x Fresnel and Barndoors

x2 Aputure 60D

x1 Aputure 60X

x1 Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit

x1 Aputure B7C 8-Light kit

x4 Pavotuve II 30x Kit

x2 Aputure Lantern 90 attachment

x2 Lightdome II attachment

x1 Mini Lightdome II

x1 60D/X Spotlight Zoom attachment

x8 Quasar Crossfades

x2 Kino 4 Bank Shells for Crossfades

x6 25ft Stingers (15amp)